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willow month and full moon in libra

April 15-May 12 is the Celtic tree month of Willow!! It is an awesome time for intuition, connection to the deepest depths of ourselves, and sharing with friends and partners. The Willow is connected to water and therefore connected to the moon, so a lot of our focus can be more lunar oriented.

The Full moon in Libra happens on April 16, and this lunation is going to be so welcome. After the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces this week from the 11th to the 13th or so, (we will still be experiencing this aspect for a few weeks), the full moon in libra might be such a joy-filled experience and a time for connection, celebration, and sharing at the beginning of Spring! Hopefully we're still having some more showers and alternating weather, but the flowers are starting to bloom for spring!

People are finding new love and relationships and renewing contracts in relationship. This is such an auspicious time for love and as always this month is a wonderful time for loving ourselves first. Follow your intuition when it comes to relationships, and also when it comes to healing. You are your own best healer and you know best what you need. Ask inside what you need. With the proper tools we are all our own best healers.

Ayurveda has tools to cultivate your personal healing capacities and I would love to work with you towards health and wholeness this season!!!

Sending love and luck


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