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Last month of Summer!

Hi Guys!!

How are you feeling as we begin this final month of summer season?

August is beginning and many of our beautiful flowering plants are in full bloom!!! The weather is sort of cooling down. We’re getting ready to meet the Fall season.

Sometimes it’s helpful to do a reflection now about how the summer has been. And set some intentions for the following month.

That way when the cooler weather arrives and the leaves turn yellow and start falling off the trees we can be certain that we experienced a full summer!

What else do you need to do to feel your blossoming vigor?? The color is yellow and pink and green!! Have you jumped in some water yet? Have you danced around a campfire or been on a walk with wildflowers?

Do your summer stuff now as a way to feel the fullness of life. So that when fall gets here you’ll be ready for a slowing down and a taking stock and you’ll have enough energy for your harvest time when it comes time to work with the liminal space of Fall.

If you need ideas for how to fully experience the summer months call me for a session!!! In cheer, sarah

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