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Song and Daily Insights

I am so thankful

i am so thankful for all that I have

how Beautiful the night sky

how beautiful the trees

i am so thankful

for bees!

today I had a productive day… meaning I got a lot done. However, by the night time in my mindfulness practice I was so surprised that I couldnt even count past 11 without thinking! And I think the Practice of counting to 11 breaths without thinking took me at least a half hour. I finally did get to 11 breaths without thinking but I had to go back to one at least a ton of times.

the practice is this:

count to one on your in breath and keep that number on your out breath. count to two on your in breath and keep that number for your out breath. continue for 10 breaths or as many as you like and then you can stop counting and just practice breathing with no thought. every time you have a thought, go back to one and start again during the meditation.

Thich Nhat Hanh describes this meditation way better than me in his book: The Miracle of Mindfulness, and also in many of his other beautiful books.

I was surprised that I had such a challenging time doing this meditation and when I stopped meditating I just Felt very humble knowing that I am a beginner at mindfulness and that’s okay and the most important thing I can do for myself is give myself encouragement for starting!

I encourage you to continue practicing mindfulness and giving yourself the spirit of encouragement!


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