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Reiki Sebastopol California 

Reiki Sebastopol California

What is Reiki?


Reiki is the energy of the universe. It is life-force energy. The energy that creates rain, the energy that a seed uses to germinate, the energy that the mountains used to form, the energy of waves in the ocean. The energy behind all actions in the universe uses Reiki.


Reiki can be described as love, or what makes the world go around. Read What is Reiki? 


About Usui Reiki

Dr. Mikao Usui from Japan invented the lineage of reiki that I studied. He created a dojo (healing center) where he studied and practiced healing. He started teaching students what he had learned from his practice and that is how reiki spread to the united states. His student Mrs. Takata, came to the United States and started teaching reiki. My teacher was 6 generations down from Mikao Usui. 


The fundamentals and guidelines of reiki have stayed the same over the years including the guideline of asking permission before offering reiki to someone. 

My Approach to Reiki

Generally, reiki can be sent with hands on or slightly off the person’s body. I usually practice reiki with my hands on. While I am allowing the reiki energy to run through my body into the client’s body my mind is still and I am holding space for healing. A very important part about reiki sessions is safe-space. I create safe space before offering reiki healing. Often I can find if there is any interruption to a safe space. This includes, unwanted or even malevolent entities, spirits, or energies that need to be cleared away before we begin a healing process. I will ask you if it is okay to clear the space, and we might have a conversation about how your energetic health has been recently. I will give you tools to clear the space for yourself after our session. 

Interested in Reiki Energy Home Cleansing?

Once safe space is set we can begin our session. I generally begin by laying hands on the feet and sending reiki light into the root chakra. During the session I will generally remain quiet and allow you to go through a meditation while I clear energy and send reiki light into your body. Often times clients can realize solutions to issues, or gain clarity during this meditation. 


I generally move up to the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. This meditation can take about an hour. 


After the reiki session, I may bring up anything I noticed during the session, and then we can create a self-care plan for in-between sessions. 


Reiki - Your Body is Speaking to You

Reiki energy is currently being used in hospitals as adjunct therapy for cancer and other issues. The reiki energy when channeled by a responsible practitioner can only bring help to the body. One of the most powerful part of reiki sessions is the safe and meditative space. This can be a great start to a meditation practice. Just laying on the table meditating while the practitioner surrounds you with reiki love light is a wonderful way to come into your body and listen in to anything that your body has been trying to tell you, and the whispers of your heart. 


The body speaks to us. Our organs can literally speak to us if we are listening. This deep form of meditation can help us to tune into our bodies, our felt-sense, and our intuition. The more we practice with reiki and meditation the more we are able to operate in our lives from a place of fullness. Often we come upon our conditioning from childhood, our unconscious programming, or other uncomfortable obstacles to awakening. When this happens during the meditation you are welcome to share the insights you are gaining and receive support or counseling from the practitioner to help integrate your experiences. We can incorporate these insights from your deep meditation work into the self-care plan.


Reiki - Getting Started

I would advise beginning with a reiki session, and then learning to incorporate meditation into your day to day life. Just 5-10 minutes of deep sensing and breathing can bring up insights that have been hidden or covered up that you may need to look at to move forward with awakening. Reiki is the best place to uncover these truths, troubles, traumas, or insights, because it surrounds us in a bubble of warm light and safe space. I would advise having a mentor, coach, or therapist while doing this work and potentially scheduling a series of reiki sessions so that you have a grounding session to look forward to while you’re on your individual meditation journey.


Reiki Mentorship Program

In my mentorship programs we have one session a week that can include Ayurveda or Reiki, and we can check in over the phone in between sessions. This way you have someone to support you on your inner journey.


One of the most important skills to learn while on a Reiki self-awareness journey or an awakening journey or a trauma-healing journey, is learning how to gain perspective. Sometimes we receive insight in meditation that is completely crystal clear like a truth about our past, or a truth about a present situation that we may be going through. One gift of using reiki healing is that you can gain perspective on your insights. You can have someone to share with about what is coming up, and also someone who will hold you in the highest regard. I vow to never judge my clients. The space I hold is non-judgmental, and healing in nature. Truth is regarded with the utmost importance. And the value of basic goodness (a Buddhist concept that we are all inherently good), is upheld. I may have to remind you of your basic goodness, remind you or positive affirmations, or we may have to develop a self-care plan so that you begin to prioritize self-love in your thoughts, words, and deeds, throughout your awakening. Beginning the habit of unconditional self-love will become a super-power as you go through life.


I am honored to begin this Reiki journey with you. In love and gratitude, Sarah

If you are looking for Reiki in Sebastopol California or Reiki Sonoma County California, please Contact Sarah Today. 

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