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Reiki House Cleansing 

Reiki House Cleansing

Reiki House Cleansing


Starting with smudging your house, and then bringing reiki energy all through your house, we will energetically clean your space so you can be fully supported to relax and grow in your home environment.


White Sage – a sacred herb native to the united states, white sage smoke pushes out negative energies and unwanted spirits. Burned around your house from the ground up with the doors open so anything not aligned with the highest vibration of love can leave.


Palo Santo – sacred wood native to south America. Palo Santo brings a high vibration and a sense of reverence creating sacred space in your home.


Dragon’s Blood resin – reserved for if there is a need to expel negativity


Reiki energy. I am attuned to reiki life force energy. For about a half hour I will bring reiki energy into your home to fill every space.


Upon completion, I leave a piece of rose quartz to remind you of your sacred hearth space.


Home is where we do a huge amount of personal work. Resting, self-care, nourishment, and sleep all require a sacred space that is clean and holds a high vibration. Youre welcome to smudge and send reiki with me and I’m happy to show you how to smudge and energetically cleanse your home. We can talk as much or as little as you’d like. Sometimes sharing things that have been holding you back in your space can help cleanse the space and change the energy and patterns. During the cleansing I bring a sheet of intention setting paper, where you can set intentions for your sacred hearth space moving forward.


I’m so happy to work with you on keeping sacred home space.


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