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Summer Self-Care

Summer is almost here!!! Soon we'll be transitioning from springtime into the hotter months of the year and the energy will change a bit!

Right now in spring, we're actually kapha heavy even though it seems like spring time would be light and airy like vata... its more wet and muddy like kapha.

its important to support our vata and kapha in spring. good things to eat are greens, bitter greens like dandelion and arugula help decrease kapha stagnation and arugula adds a bit of spice which warms up our tummies helping to decrease any coldness or stuckness.

moving a lot is really nice in spring because if we move all our stuckness during the spring, we'll feel lighter and carry less load into the summer months when it gets hotter out.

i want to really emphasize that we can use essential oils to help move stuckness in our environments too. along with smudging with favorite smudge plants, like sage, palo salto, yerba santa, or even dried mint. any plants you usually use to smudge your space are so helpful in the spring. consistently cleaning and cleansing means you will have to do way less work in the summer.

essential oils can help so much too in the spring. if you have a diffuser thats awesome... pick something like minty to cleanse your space. if youre just smelling the oils or wearing them then use your favorites. essential oils can bring us a change in mood or consciousness that is sometimes just what we need to move through a muddy or stuck situation. just smelling the oils can make a change or inspire an idea of what we need to do next to bring about a higher vibration or a feeling of lightness or a solution to a quagmire.

i love these blends from nomad botanicals: diffuser oils, they have a lot of citrus, and fir, and cedar.

if you have a hot tub or pool, don't forget to get in!!! get in water this time of year but make sure you're also heating things up with spicy teas and lots of warmth at night time. its not winter but we still need to feel cozy!!!!

call me or text me to schedule a session. <3

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