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Self CARE in Spring!

Hi guys!!

Happy Spring!!

I'm in Truckee, CA and we just had a huge snow session all day yesterday. The trees and ground is covered in snow. :)

I love spring showers.

I'm posting this blog to share about self-care tools for the spring season. April, May, and then summer starts in June!

What are you planning for spring? What projects are you starting?

Winter typically is hibernation time where we cozy up and make a nice warm home for all of our seeds that we want to plant in spring. Winters a great time to take stock of what we have inside, our desires, our current projects we are tending to, relationships we are committed to, our inner children and what they need and also what we are needing to let go of or shed.

Hopefully we did some of this work in winter time, but if we notice that's still where we are now, then lets tend to that important work, maybe even before we start into the business and excitement of spring.

Tools for jumping into Winter: blankets, learning how to sit down and be cozy, tea, hot chocolate (recipe at bottom of page), tarot cards, journal, your favorite crafts, hot soup and grounding food.

The more you can just sit with yourself and listen to the quiet rumblings of "i want" or notice your body telling you "i need" or "this doesn't work for me" or your mind coming up with genius ideas. The most important thing you can do is try to decipher your own inner child and inner workings. Sometimes we get a stomach ache at the same time every day and we need to ask what that is coming from, and sometimes we can discover something that our body is trying to tell us about a food, a person, an idea, a thought pattern etc. So, our body can talk to us is aches and pains, or we can even sometimes hear voices from our organs or deep down from our womb or our heart.

Journaling about what we are going to give our energy to in spring. What are we tending? What relationships are we tending? What projects do we want to start?

Getting ourselves with our intentions clear and our energy focused is one of the best self-care tools for spring.

Next, learning how to keep out energy clear and our focus oriented during spring.

Everyone is starting new projects and getting out and about, there's a lot of hustle and bustle. We need to have a clear focus.

Here are some tools I use:

Neti Pot - neti pot before bed. use warm water and gray salt (you can buy neti pot salt) and pour the neti through one nostril allowing the water to drain out the other nostril with your head slightly tilted down. Then switch sides halfway through the pot. Blow your nose after. This clears out your third eye and can allow for clear vision and better dreaming.

Crystal Meditation - find a stone that you like. Sit and look at the stone from every angle, rubbing the stone on your hands, can you come to a clear mind? Sitting meditation is also recommended here especially in the mornings during the spring before the day gets warmer. There tends to be a lot of energy at night time so morning meditation might be best.

Water - staying hydrated is so important. Every morning drinking water with electrolytes like some grey salt will help your adrenals throughout the day during your projects.

Contact me with any questions about Ayurveda, Reiki, or to schedule a consultation!

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