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How to Grow from our Pains

Using Reiki to cleanse our energy fields and help us GROW!

Did you have a tough feeling? Or a hostile interaction that left you feeling depleted? Did you feel a pain that felt hot or cold or tingly inside? Are you feeling unbalanced?

There is a way to restore your energy to a healthy feeling.

First, we have to identify the feeling we are having. Some ways to do this are to feel our bodies, what is in us. For me, I felt a hot and angry sensation. I released this hot wiry feeling into the earth and asked Reiki to channel through me a pink and glittery energy. I felt this pink glittery energy flow throughout my entire being until I became a pink and glittery body!

This may take some training, yoga, and Reiki. I have a Reiki 2 certification.

For you, maybe visualizing a color is easiest. Close your eyes and feel your body all the way down to your toes. Is there a color you picture?

Maybe there is a sensation in your body somewhere, a pulsing, or a stuckness. Being with these feelings is the most powerful way to let them heal us.

I love to open a space in massage, reiki, or ayurveda sessions to feel what is in us and begin to transmute these sensations into profound senses of love and peace inside. I'm here to help you grow through hiccups, chaos, and hurts.

with practice we become full of God's peace and the ability to give loving and safe energy to the world.

Call me if you want to discuss educational opportunities around you to do this work. Or, if you want to do this work with me, lets plan a time to talk and schedule a session or sessions to promote Love and Peace in the body and energy field for Life moving forward!

I'd love to hear about your experience with growing from pain. Leave a comment below with your success story or about how you've struggled.

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