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This is so exciting because Hawthorn is one of my all time favorite herbs. Hawthorn is a tree and in Celtic tree lore, May 13-June 9 is the month of the Hawthorn tree!

The Hawthorn tree has many a story attached to it... those i won't really get into here. More interesting to me are the plants health benefits.

I use hawthorn berry tincture to open my heart chakra, and i use it frequently!!!

As an antioxidant hawthorn is so good for the heart muscle as well as for the energetic heart (the hridiyam). Hawthorn berry can be ground up and made into tincture. You just add ethanol and water to the berries and let the mixture macerate then strain it out after a few weeks.

The medicine is a dark purple red color and so beautiful. It smells sweet. And ayurvedically hawthorn is sweet and therefore cooling, pacifying to vata, neutral to pitta, and slightly increasing kapha.

Enjoy your time in heart filled hawthorn month!!! <3

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