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Celtic Tree Month of Oak

June 10-July 7 is Celtic month of the Oak tree. The Oak tree is very sacred in Celtic lore. The Oak symbolizes truth, courage, and wisdom, and soveriegnty. This is very sacred time for us these days.

After Hawthorn month, we may be in need of some deep down truth and some deeper wisdom. We may need to come down from our heads, hawthorn is very heart centered, we may need to come down even from our hearts, ladies to our wombs and deep pelvic bowls and men down to the perineum and pelvic floor. We may need to breathe deep into our lower abdomens and hold ourselves there for a while. We may need to give ourselves a big huge hug for a long time and see what arises in our minds.

Oak month is so needed. It is getting hot and oak month takes us through the Summer Solstice when the day is long and the night is short. it is said that these times are for being very productive. We must stay hydrated and cool! I am leaving a recipe for a traditional hydration beverage called a switchel at the end of this post.

Oak month will ground out the noise of our last few weeks. We can really use this time to dive deep into ourselves in out personal practices. Maybe in meditation practice we will focus more on the ground beneath us and our connection to the earth. Maybe we will add an herb to our regimen.

Astragalus is calling. Roots and woody herbs like marshmallow root. Dandelion root and chicory. Message me to set up an herbal consultation.

The more time we spend in nature, the more we will access truth and wisdom. Can you sit with your back against an oak? Or climb one. Can you pick up a beautiful acorn and bring it inside to experience the magical protection of oak. Do you sit and talk to the oak? Let it know your deepest feelings and listen. These days it is so good to start the day off with a grounding beverage, get outside and listen to the birds, listen to the wind in the trees. Let nature stop you in your tracks and make you stop and feel the beauty that is this life.

Switchel Recipe

1part honey

2parts apple cider vinegar

3parts water

2parts rose hydrosol

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