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Books about Goddesses

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Reading about Goddesses has been some of the most empowering work I've done. First of all, it really helps to do some basic healing and be feeling relatively good about myself when I'm reading about Goddesses and stories in general. That's so that I am not making comparisons, putting myself down, or just being half-heartedly reading rather than reading with my whole self. If you are interested in starting a journey in Tantra or just plain self-empowerment or female empowerment.. start with anchoring yourself in your fullness. Start with rooting down into mother earth and up into father sky and feeling grounded on your own two feet and in your sacred body temple. Start with identifying your personal spots of hurt, trauma, pain.. identifying your core wounding. And maybe doing some healing work with these parts before you dive into a big spirit quest like kundalini tantra.

I can help with all the preliminary healing work in sessions. Ayurveda and Reiki can bring up those pieces that need healing and doing the personal story work that is necessary for you to know your own true story and feel your own best self.

Then, its really fun to dive into stories about Gods and Goddesses from a stable foundation.

That has been my experience.

Books that I've recently read about Tantra include:

Awakening Shakti - which tells the story of the Goddesses of Yoga and their consorts from the perspective of a tantric practitioner, Sally Kempton.

Shakti Rising - which teaches about the mahavidya path of the 10 archetypal Goddesses on the path to wholeness - by Kavitha M. Chinnaiyan

A formative book for me leading me onto the path of tantra was called The Four Desires by Rod Stryker. He lays out the four main desires of humans (kama-pleasure, artha-means, dharma-meaningful lifework, and moksha-liberation). He has an amazing way of making these available to us and also laying out paths and advice towards realizing these desires in our lives.

Yesterday was the puja for the Goddess Saraswati of language, music, and art. It's such a beautiful time of inspiration now towards the end of winter and beginning of spring.

Reach out for an attunement or session!



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