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Rose Medicine

Rose. The most classic sacred flower reminding folks of beauty and romance. Rose is so amazing to enhance our physical beauty. Used in toners for the face and skin, rose has astringent properties, toning and tightening. Rose SMELLS AMAZING. The most recognized beautiful smell that nature makes that brings us into our heart space so sweetly and gently. Nutritionally rose hips provide vitamin c!! The color pink of rose stimulates our heart chakras. Medicinally Rose connects us to the heart, calms our nervous systems, cools us down to aid in relaxation and sensuality. Rose is a friend to every stage of life. Maiden, Lover, Mother, Queen, Crone and for male-identified people Rose is the sweetest way to bring warmth to your heart space when on a mission to connect with a partner. Imagine buying roses for your lover only to fall in love with them on the way home to them! Roses have no bounds, hardly any contraindications, ROSE is one of the all-time gentlest, safest, and most enlivening plants that nature makes.

Have a rosey day! <3

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