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Cacao monograph

Theobroma cacao

Cacao is a plant that has been cultivated especially in the Southern hemisphere and around the continent of Africa. Cacao is a tree, that grows up to 25 feet, but when cultivated grows shorter. The leaves are evergreen. The fruit is a seed pod that contains the cacao medicine. The seed pods are harvested and dried and then processed either into cacao nibs, raw cacao discs, cacao powder, or into chocolate. Cacao is where chocolate originally comes from.

Cacao has immense healing properties. Cacao contains chemicals that produce the effect of serotonin in the brain leading to bliss states. Cacao also has blood thinning properties, making it healthier than taking aspirin, for blood thinning. Cacao contains theobromine which is a psychoactive constituent that can lead to open-minded states and also opens the heart chakra. The antioxidants in cacao make it a healthy option for daily use and with daily use the medicine can extend a person’s life by lowering the chances for heart issues.

Cacao is being used ceremonially all over the globe. The ceremony with cacao is very potent in opening the heart, creating love vibrations, connecting folks, and creating possibilities for deep personal healing at the heart level.

The best way to consume cacao is ceremonially. Raw cacao can be found online and brands are at the bottom of this monograph. Usually water or sometimes milk is heated, and the cacao pieces are placed in a blender or in a large mug. The hot water melts the cacao and then it can be stirred with a traditional stirrer or blended in the blender until frothy. Maple syrup or coconut sugar can be added along with any spices, cayenne, cinnamon, cardamom are examples. The additional spices add different qualities to the cacao based on their compositions. More on spices in my next post.

Frothy cacao is drunk slowly and mindfully. Smelling it can enhance the connection. The best way to really connect with yourself and the cacao is by gently acknowledging the cacao as having once been a living being, that you are taking in. By saying hello and asking for a relationship you are asking the plant for support in your journey of the morning, the day, and for whenever you come back to your cacao in mind or in ritual. Sipping slowly you can really begin to feel the blissful serotonin release and the changes in your body from drinking. If there are other people with you, you may begin to feel the aphrodisiac effects of the cacao. The enhanced bonding, love feeling, and warmth are the possibilities with cacao.

I hope you have enjoyed this article, I wanted to share some of my enthusiasm about cacao, a plant that has helped me through some very tough times. The cacao has softened my heart, brought me back to sanity, been my supplement and nutrition. I have had many profound experiences at cacao ceremonies and I highly recommend drinking cacao if you are searching for that extra connection. Cacao is a great friend.

Cacao Resources: Firefly Chocolate, Ora Cacao, Anima Mundi Cacao

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