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Angelica and Rose monographs

Angelica archangelica

Family: Umbelliferae

Parts used: roots, seeds, leaves

Constituents: volatile oils, macrocyclic lactones, phthalates, coumarins, flavonoids, sterols

Herbal actions: digestive stimulant, astringent, expectorant, diaphoretic, carminative, diuretic, chologogue, anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, antibacterial

Uses: bronchitis, muscle cramping, period pains,

Form: decoction of root and or seed, tincture 1:5 45%

Rose Monograph

Herbal Actions: astringent, nervine, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, antimicrobial, hemostat, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, carminative, refrigerant

Taste: sweet, drying, cooling

Uses: calm nervous system, open heart chakra, sex, psychic/spiritual boundaries, strengthen heart and stomach

Roses are perennial, deciduous plants with sharply thorned stems. Rose leaves are often alternately arranged and pinnately divided. The petals are in multiples of 5. And there are 5 sepals. Rose hips are the fruit of the rose plant and they are yellow or orange.

Chemical constituents: citranellol, eugenol, geraniol, myrcene (volatile oils), tannins, phenolic compounds (quercetin, kaempferol, flavonoids), beta-sitosterol, polysaccharides, organic acids (malic acid, tartaric acid), saponins, resin

Rose is considered in Ayurveda to be medhya meaning that it has the ability to improve the intellect.

5-15ml per day fresh herb in 1:2 50% tincture or 5 drops -2 ml dry herb in 1:5 40% tincture

caution is advised for folks who are anemic or who take meds with alkaloids

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