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Passionate About Healing Others

​I began my health and empowerment journey by learning about plants as allies for healing. I studied Western Herbalism at the California School of Herbal Studies and fell in love with nature, plants, and healing.


I found the Dhyana Center school for Clinical Herbalism and graduated as an Ayurvedic Counselor. Ayurveda deepened my understanding of myself and allowed me to make empowered choices for my own well being. I studied Massage at the National Holistic Institute and learned about running energy and holding personal boundaries through Reiki in Santa Rosa. I studied vini yoga for three years of intensive study of asana, sutras, and integrating yogic principles into daily life. Through all of my studies, the most important aspect it brought to my life was self-knowledge and personal empowerment.


I hope to pass on skills, education, and the spirit of self-empowerment through my mentorship program work. I hold a safe and sacred space for all of my clients throughout my programs and also teach folks how to create their own safe and sacred space as a lifetime practice.

Goddesses who inspire me are Mother Earth (Pachamama, Gaia), Artemis, Maeve, Aphrodite, Hathor, Durga, Yemaya, and so many more that I avidly study and love to share about.


  • Certificate as an Ayurvedic Counselor from the Dhyana Center School of Clinical Ayurveda

  • Certificate in Western Herbalism from California School of Herbal Studies

  • Certified Massage Therapist from National Holistic Institute

  • Reiki Levels 1 and 2 Healing Heart Reiki Santa Rosa CA

  • BA Spanish Literature from CU Boulder

  • Minor in the Study and Practice of Leadership from CU Boulder

  • Certificate in Permaculture Design from CU Boulder

Trained Modalities

  • Western Astrology

  • Herbalism

  • Ayurveda

  • Reiki

  • Somatic techniques

  • Mindfulness based StressReduction

  • Meditation

  • Sound Healing

  • Self Care

  • Human Design

  • Nature Celebrations

  • Goddess Energy Work

  • Sacred Story

  • Tarot/Oracle and Archetype Work

  • Naturopathic Healing

  • Psychotherapy/CBT/DBT

  • Sacred Self-Pleasure Skills

  • Health Charting

  • Fertility Awareness

  • Vision Boarding

  • Art

  • Music

  • Yoga

  • Tantra

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